Alex and Sophia’s “UP’ inspired Engagement Session

Alex emailed me a couple weeks ago and said he was looking for a photographer to do an “Up” inspired engagement session. He said he wanted the session to be at USC because that is where he and Sophia met. Alex really didn’t have to ask me twice because who doesn’t LOVE the movie “UP”? I instantly replied saying, “So FUN, yes I am available that day”! He also let me know that he and Sophia had all of the props so I didn’t need to bring anything. A few days before the session he emailed me detailed photos of all of their props and clothing. I couldn’t believe it, they didn’t forget a thing. I hadn’t been this excited for a session in a while.

I arrived at USC and was walking the campus looking for them. From a distance I saw the cutest smiling couple walking. I thought to myself that has to be them and sure enough it was!

We waited for the 30 balloons to get delivered and then started with each scene of “Ellie and Carl”. First when Ellie and Carl meet, the tent scene in the bedroom, when they were older and went on a picnic, and last photos with the “Paradise Falls” jar, the model of the house, balloons and the mailbox. See… I told you they didn’t forget a thing.

Alex and Sophia are very similar to Carl and Ellie that it is really quite remarkable. They are so adorably in love my face actually hurt after from smiling so much at their session. I wish Alex and Sophia all the joy and happiness in the world. I know when I meet people when they really have something and these two have it!

Thank you to Alex and Sophia for hiring me and trusting me to document your vision!





















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Posted: June 1, 2017


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