The Depinto Family | Chicago, IL

Many of you know I went to college in Chicago. In 1999, about a year before I graduated from college I met Lisa. I was introduced to her at her home. She was pregnant with her daughter, Camilla, who is now 14 years old. I ended up renting their first floor apartment in their beautiful Lakeview home.

After moving in, it didn’t take very long for me to become close to the DePinto’s. Lisa became like a big sister to me. We watched Sex in the City on Sunday nights, I would watch Disney movies with Camilla while Lisa would cook dinner or run an errand. We had kind of an open door policy in our homes. If we ever needed anything, we where there for one another. Camilla was barely two years old when I took her first photograph. She was my first little client at barely two years old and now she is starting high school this week. High School!!

It’s been over 15 years. I have watched her son Dylan (now 25) and Camilla grow up. She has watched me move from city to city, different relationships, witnessed me getting married and played with my child. Lisa and Vince are the kind of people that when you see them no time has passed. They always welcome my family and me with an open door and love.

It is very special for me to be able to document the DePinto’s every time I see them. I’m hoping next time that Dylan will be in town so he can be in the photos too. (Or maybe I can catch all of them in NYC where Dylan now lives).

From my family to the DePinto family. We love you! See you next time in Chicago.















Here is the first photograph I ever took of Camilla in circa 2001.


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Posted: September 3, 2014


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